Southwest POS System Options for San Diego, California


NCR ENCOR transforms your store operation and customer experience with its complete, flexible retail management solution. ENCOR combines a Grocery POS System with a powerful back office, ensuring your system is efficient and made for the grocery market. Offering an open-yet-integrated system in addition to NCR’s Omni Channel Platform, you’ll find this system goes above and beyond your Grocery and Store Management needs!


NCR ScanMaster

NCR ScanMaster is a cutting-edge solution for the grocery industry, designed to tackle the challenges modern retailers face. It boasts a robust transaction processing database within an advanced client-server architecture. The system offers exceptional reporting capabilities, comprehensive electronic transaction logs, and sophisticated secondary processes that prevent file corruption. Additionally, ScanMaster provides unparalleled data access, cross-platform networking, and transaction-specific screens with lead-through prompts to help you best serve your customers



RORC proudly serves over 1,500 independently owned and operated supermarkets, that rely on RORC to manage, market, and grow their businesses. With reliable, scalable software written in the United States by a responsive company, and customizable reporting and intelligent archiving, RORC offers many features to meet your needs. Additionally, the software integrates with third-party solutions and tools, such as e-commerce, loyalty, and mobile coupons to give your customers the best experience.

Retail Management Hero

Retail Management Hero™ (RMH) is a comprehensive POS solution that simplifies the management of both point-of-sale and back-office functions for retailers. It seamlessly optimizes inventory management and streamlines the purchasing process, all while enhancing the security of the shopping experience. If you are a small to medium-sized retailer aiming to enhance business intelligence, POS transaction management, and reporting, RMH is the ideal solution to transform your operations!

Why Choose Southwest POS as Your POS Software?

We chose these POS systems to give small businesses the same POS technology options as big chain stores. In addition to critical features like store statistics and card processing, we offer extra conveniences to you and your customers. Enjoy these advantages by picking Southwest POS as the POS system for your store.


Choose Southwest POS for technology that works as hard as you do, ensuring your retail success.